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Ride the Wilds, Coos County!

Come to New Hampshire and Ride the Wilds!

It's that time of year, please make sure your favorite trails are still open before traveling!  Click here for closing dates.

Ride the Wilds, Coos County!, the Northeast's largest interconnected ATV trail system, delivers 1,000+ miles of trails across Coos County, New Hampshire, and a riding experience that you have only just long imagined. 

Jump on your rig and ride along miles and miles of trail through the rugged forested landscape of the Great North Woods of northern New Hampshire, where the views are incomparable and the trails deliver hours of riding fun that are as close as the nearest trailhead.  If you're just getting started, check out our Commonly Asked Questions page that should help you get ready to hit the trails.

Dedicated in June 2013, Ride the Wilds offers three seasons of ATV riding and, provides access to more than 1,000 miles of interconnected trails that make it possible to head out for a day or more, with opportunities to stop and stay along the way.  For the latest news, sign up for the Ride the Wilds Enewsletter!

Whether you are a novice or experienced rider you will love the varied terrain of the Ride the Wilds trail system, from wide sweeps of undeveloped land that encompass the mountains, bogs, pastures and panoramas of northern New Hampshire, to graveled roads, woods trails, and plenty of nice and messy muddy areas.

Enjoy the connectivity of the trails without trailering your machine from one location to another. Choose your starting and stopping points from more than a dozen options, from Berlin, Gorham, Milan and Errol on the eastern side of the county, through Millsfield and Dixville in the middle, to the Connecticut River towns of Pittsburg, Stewartstown, Colebrook, Stratford, Groveton and Lancaster to the north and west. 

To accommodate riders, all the towns within the Ride the Wilds trail system allow ATVs on town roads to access services like food, gas and lodging, or to connect with other sections of trail. Look for ATV Permitted Signs on open sections of highway.

Included in the trail system are:

• Over 120 miles of trails in the 8,000-acre Perry Stream Land and Timber Company holdings maintained by the Great North Woods ATV Club in Pittsburg

• Over 120 miles of trails maintained by the Metallak ATV Club in Stewartstown, Colebrook, Columbia and Dixville

• Over 130 miles of trails in Millsfield maintained by the Millsfield ATV Club

• 50 miles of trails in Success and Milan maintained by the Sunrise ATV Club

• 80 miles of trails in the 7,500-acre Jericho Mountain State Park in Berlin maintained by the State of New Hampshire

• More than 120 miles of trails across 30,000 acres in Stratford maintained by the North Country ATV Club 

• The Kilkenny Trail Riders of Lancaster, the Umbagog ATV Club of Errol, the Presidential ATV Club of Gorham, and the Androscoggin ATV Club of Berlin maintain many additional miles of trails.